Ecommerce Website Redesign

Role: UX Designer

Platform: Desktop



Create a friendlier online experience in order to increase membership sales.


Redesign the web pages involved in the process of purchasing a Zoo membership.


The current website lacked the structure and functionality necessary for a quick and efficient checkout process.


User Research, Competator Analysis, User Flow, User  Testing, Sketches, Wireframes, Customer Journey Map,  Animated Prototype.




UX/UI Designer




Whiteboard, pen & paper, Sketch, Invision


Heuristic Evaluation

I first evaluated the website myself using Tog’s Principles of Interaction Heuristics to have a starting point for defining problem areas.
The process from home page to completing the checkout scored low in the following areas:

Task Analysis

I then had a user go through the process of purchasing a membership and observed the pain points

Comparative & Comparative Analysis

Six Flags has their tickets & memberships on the same navigational item & highlighted in green.
Disneyland provides and easy way to compare it’s membership prices and features
KCRW has a simplistic and minimalistic
design making it easy and fast for the user to to become a member


Then I analyzed the LA Zoo's web analytics and found that the second most
visited page is the ticket webpage.
I also found that the largest age demographic in Los Angeles is adults aged 20-29. I found this information important to consider if the goal is to increase membership sales. We want to design something that will create opportunity and structure for memberships to appeal to this demographic as well.


Based on the research, I created two personas, one that represented the LA Zoo’s target audience (families interested in nature), and the other represents the largest age demographic in Los Angeles.
I then created a scenario for Jill to highlight some pain points gathered from the research and shed light to new ones.

Scenario: Jill is having dinner with her family when she asks her family what they want to do this weekend. They go on to deliberate and decide on the LA Zoo. Jill then gets on her laptop and starts looking up information.


Usability Issues

  • Redundant & nonfunctioning buttons
  • Add Item to cart is unclear
  • Navigation Tracking State Unclear
  • Checkout cart process inefficient
    (not flexible nor informative)
  • Cluttered and out of date aethetic
  • No consistent brand or logo

Pain Points

  • Takes too much time to compare
    membership and tickets
  • Unclear how long membership lasts
  • Checking out takes too long


Landing Page

  • Highlight tickets and memberships on the same attention drawing button
  • Simplify navigation bar

Easy Comparison

  • Have ticket and membership info be on the same page
  • Include comparison chart

Clean Up

  • No redundant or non-functioningelements, navigation trackingso users are oriented.
  • Clean and simple layoutand aesthetic to minimizedistractions.


  • Save user time



Target Audience
Families with 1+ children with an interest in plants, animals, and conservation


Information Architecture

In order to make the home page easier to navigate, I simplified the navigation by reorganizing it's elements. I had users card sort the navigational elements into groups and noted the grouping trends to use for the redesign.

Design, Prototype, Test

Low fidelitity designs

HOmE page

Membership Page

Membership details

High Fidelity Designs

Compare chart

My Cart

Membership details



Home page

Test Findings

Next Steps
Continue with another design iteration addressing the issues above.
Due to this being a concept project, I have not continued with
the redesign as of yet. It was a great learning experience and
challenge to work through the problems of the initial prompt.